This is the second year that Stage Door Canteen has played for our American Cancer Society Auction. In the years before we had Stage Door, everyone would leave after the auction-no one would dance. Now everyone stays and the dance floor is packed. They have completely transformed the event! Dealing with Roger is a breeze-he is professional, accommodating, a lovely gentleman and an incredible musician. They are all amazing musicians who obviously love what they do. I recommend them to everyone I talk to. -Sheila C.

The Stage Door Canteen was key to the success of the Education Foundation’s first winter gala on Satuday night! We wanted something different for our fundraiser, an event where people would have fun in addition to supporting a good cause. Thanks in large part to your band, it was fun and different. Stage Door Canteen was wonderful! – both to listen to and because different ages could take to the dance floor, and it was clear both groups had a fabulous time. -Falmouth Education Foundation

Long considered one of the top function bands in the region, Stage Door Canteen prides itself on versatility as both a pulse-pounding dance band and a top-notch concert ensemble. They have performed many hundreds of weddings and private parties spanning the entire human spectrum, and they are fully capable entertaining a crowd of music lovers from any stage.

At the heart of Stage Door Canteen stands a massive horn section. There is simply something different about the big band sound. Drawing energy not from a synthesizer or turntable, but from the wind and spirit of twelve real musicians, there is no other experience like a great American big band; it will awaken something primitive in your DNA, the restless spirit that drifted up the mighty Mississippi and took hold in the servicemen who won The War.

Listen to our favorite function tunes


Brown Eyed Girl

Knock on Wood

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